Divine Providence: Kobi’s Miracle

               Kobi’s Miracle
An open miracle is when Hashem changes the natural laws, like splitting the sea or stopping the sun. Life and creation is miraculous because it’s too improbable to be coincidence. Another level as well is the extraordinary intervention of Hashem in our day to day.
Kobi my tenant and his wife recently left after a long lease. He looked tough but was really sweet. As we were parting he told me a story about how he was careful to fulfill promises that he made to Hashem.
He said, “When I was Bar Mitzvahed putting on tefillin was hard for me and I only ended up wearing them about five times. At 14 and a half my family and relatives went as usual for the holiday to the beach. There we brought everything and totally set up camp for the week. At the end I repacked my father’s Mercedes. The key was an electronic remote and extremely expensive to replace. At a certain point I realized that it was missing. We all searched the area and the sand. After a while I sensed everybody’s annoyance with me. By evening only our family remained. We planned to spend the night and continue searching in the morning. I walked alone hopelessly carrying a curtain rod that I was searching with. In my mind I spoke to Hashem promising to wear tefillin for the rest of my life if I found the key. While in mid-thought I raised the rod, the sun was setting; something was dangling on the hooked end. I saw and couldn’t believe it was the remote! See I’m getting goose bumps telling you this” He said, lowering his sweatshirt to show his arm. He continued, “Since then I’ve put on tefillin every day. No matter what, if I’m late I take them with me and put them on later. I’ll say the Shema or something short. You see I don’t wear a kippa or dress religious but the Borei Olam is always with me, I’m never afraid of anything. I also keep Shabbos and there’s a birkon in my wallet that I sometimes bless with after eating even thought my reading isn’t so good”.
Kobi said goodbye and left but his awesome story stayed behind and is mine forever, thank you Hashem.
Rabbi Moshe Simon

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