Yevamos Daf 8- Gezara Shava Aleh Aleh

Daf Yomi In Motion #91- Yevamos Daf 8- Gezara Shava Aleh Aleh

Gezara Shava Aleh Aleh

Gezara Shava Aleh Aleh tells us that  Aerva and Tzara are Usser to Yiboam.

Reasons why to think Aerva and Tzaras Aerva could do Yiboam.

  1. Hoeil D’ Ishtari Ishtari.
    1.Only when  “Dead brother” married “live brother’s” (future) wife’s sister then died and then “live brother” married sister of “dead brother’s” wife.
  2. .Hekesh D’Rebbe Yona– learn all Arios from Eishes Ach.
    1.Why Revina was Makish to learn all the Shaar Arios to Achos Eisha and not like Rebbe Yona to Eishes Ach.

    1. Two possible reasons.
      1.better to make Hekesh to Chumra than to Kula.
      2.better to make Hekesh of two Issurim to two Issurim.
  3. Rava– Aerva is Pashut that it’s Usser in Yibaom and never needed a Pasuk only Tzaras Aerva needs a pasuk.
    1. .Why  pashut that it’s Usser because Ese can’t be doche Lo Tase Sel Kares.
    2. Rebbe holds that both Aerva and her Tzara need pasukim to Usser them.
      1.Drosha of Lokcha ussers Tzaras Aerva and Drosha of Yovma ussers Aerva.
      2.Rava holds that both of these droshas are going on Tzaras Aerva.

      1. One tells us that she’s Usser B’Mukom Mitzvas Yiboam and one tells us that she’s Moutter S’Lo B’Mukom  mitzvas Yiboam.
  4. Second Pashat in Rava-
    1. both Tzara and Aerva don’t need pusuk to Usser them.
    2. it’s pashut because Tzror equates Tzara to Aerva herself.
    3. Aleh Aleh is really just coming to tell us that Tzaras Aerva is Usser B’mukom Yiboam and muetter elsewhere- where? S’Lo B’Mukom Yiboam.
    4. Learns from Tzror- word is plural and implies that two people are Usser.  L’ Galos Aervasa is singular and implies that the Tzara alone is Muetter S’Lo B’Mukom Yib0am.

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Yevamos Daf 7- Ese Doche Lo Tase Sel Kares Cont.

Daf Yomi In Motion #90- Yevamos Daf 7- Ese Doche Lo Tase Sel Kares Cont.

Ese Doche Lo Tase Sel Kares Cont.

  1. Attempt to learn from “Lo SeVaro Eish on Shabbos”- We thought that  Beis Din would have been  permitted to light a fire on Shabbos for the Mitzva of Executing the Guilty.
    1. If not that the Torah told them not to.
    2. Thought the reason was because Ese Doche Lo Tase Sel Kares.
    3. Pushed Off- the reason that we thought they could wasn’t because of Ese Doche Lo Tase but rather just a Kal V’chomer.
  2. Attempt to learn from Eishes Ach HaYotze Min HaKlal to learn back to the Klal that Yibaom can be done with all the Ervas.
    1. Pushed off- Eishes Ach was singled out to teach a “New” din and in a case like that the new din isn’t learned back to the rest of the Klal unless the the Torah tells us to apply it back to the Klal.
  3. Attempt to learn from a Mah Matzinu of Eishes Ach- just as she is an Aerva and Yibaom can be done with her so too all the Aervas should have Yibaom.
    1. Pushed off- Eishes Ach is one Issur to the Yavum but all the other Aervas are two Issurim to him.
      1. that particular Aerva.
      2. Eishes Ach.
    2. Another attempt to learn from Mah Matzinu of Eishes Ach.
      1. Let’s learn – Since the Torah Mattered up one Issur maybe it matters up the second one as well.
        1. Example: Metzora Mechusa Kapora on his eighth day that saw Tumas Keri.
        2. Since the Torah Mattered him to stick his hand and foot into the Azora with Tumas Metzora for Mattan domim the Torah allowed his Tumas Keri also.
        3. So to maybe since the Torah Mattered Eishes Ach to Yibaom maybe it mattered up Eishes Ach plus another Aerva with it.
      2. If this is true than we can understand why we need the Gezera Shava of Aleh Aleh to teach us that Yibaom can’t be done with all the other Aervas.

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