Bava Basra Daf 022 – Bar Masa Meahkev

Bar Masa Meahkev Bar Masa Achreesi

Rav Huna:

  • has a chamer shita that even people from the same neighborhood(Mavui) have the right to stop someone from opening up the same business as someone that had that business already.
  • It’s considered infringing on the livelihood of another.
  • Not only can Bar Masa Meahkev Bar Masa Achreesi but a Bar Movuei can Meagkev a co- Bar Movuei.

     Rav Huna Agrees:

  • Chedorim can be opened even right next to one another. It’s a positive situation because Kinas Sofrim Marbeh Chochma.
  • Rochelin- Traveling Purfume, Make-Up and Jewlery sellers are exempt from the restriction of not trading in foreign cities.
    • As long as they keep themselves temporary in these places.
    • Taludei Chochumim Rochelin are allowed to set up permanently in any places they want.
      • This allows them parnosa and minimizes their Bitul Torah.

     Revina Permits:

  • Foreign Merchants to sell outside their city but only on the day of the Shuk and in the place of the Shuk.

    Privilaged Rights for Tzorva DeRabbonen:

  • They are given the “Shuk”. This is the right to sell their wares first.

    Causing Someone to be Punished Can Cause Distance to Hashem

    Parallel Walls:

  • Must Always have 4 amos between them. This creates a walking path for the public helps to pack the ground under and around the wall.
  • The walls stand longer and stronger.

  Walls Next to Windows in the Walls:

  • 4 Amos higher than the Window or 4 Amos lower than the Window.

   Build a wall 4 Amos Away from another wall with a Gutter along it.

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Bava Basra Daf 021 – Milamed Tinokos

  • Opened Chedorim in all the cities in Eretz Israel.
  • Don’t push children in learning until they’re about six years old.
  • Those that learn – give them more and more.
  • Those that aren’t learning well don’t punish them just sit them next to those that are learning and have them listen to the learners.
    • eventually the learning will enter their hearts.
  • From the time of Yeshua Ben Gamla’s Tekona Chedarim were more numerous and kids weren’t allowed to leave their area for Chedar.

Rav’s Advice:

  • If one has to hit a Talmid never hit him with anything more than a shoelace. In this way he won’t hurt the child.

Neighbors Can Protest in their Courtyard:

  • A Milamed Tinokos for Goyisha Children but not for Yiddisha Students.

Milamed Tinokos – Klallim

  • 25 Students per teacher.
  • For 50 students the city must hire two teachers.
  • For 40 students the city must hire one teacher and a helper.
    • The helper listens to the Rebbe and reviews with the students.
  • When there is a better Rebbe in town some say it’s better if they keep the old Rebbe and some say it’s better to switch and use the better Rebbe.
    • Use old Rebbe – new Rebbe wouldn’t try as hard because he feels nobody can replace him.
    • Better Rebbe is preferable  because he’ll work hard that the old Rebbe won’t be able to show that he’s incompetent
  • Some say that a Rebbe that learns better but isn’t as careful about mistakes is better than a Rebbe that is exacting but doesn’t learn as well and other say the opposite.

Jobs Where a Mistake is Irreparable are as though Pre Warned-

Hasagas Gevul – opening a like business next door.

  • Rav Huna and Rav Shimon ben Gamliel hold that even a neighbor can be forced to distance from the first one there.
  • Others hold only foreigners can be forced to leave but residents can never be told to leave.

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