Sanhedrian Daf 109 – Nachum Eish Gam Zu

Nachum Eish Gam Zu


  1. The Jewish Community wanted to bring a gift to the Ceasar
    1. They were apprehensive about who to send it with.
    2. They wanted to ensure that the gift would find favor and not cause more harm.
  2. They decided to send Nachum Eish Gam Zu and felt confident that he could succeed.
    1. Knowing that miracles were common to happen for him.
  3. The community loaded up a chest with valuables for Nachum Eish Gam Zu present to the Ceasar.
    1. Nachum Eish Gam Zu came to a hotel during his journey.
    2. The inn keeper and his people asked his what he had and where he was going.
    3. Nachum Eish Gam Zu informed them that he was taking tax money to the Ceasar in behalf of the Jewish community.
    4. The inn keeper and his friends stuck in at night and stole all the valuables.
      1. In place of the money and jewels the replaced sand and dirt.
  4. Nachum Eish Gam Zu opened the chest for the Ceasar and behold there was sand inside.
    1. The Ceasar assumed that the Jews were mocking him and ordered Nachum Eish Gam Zu’s execution.
    2. Nachum didn’t get nervous and only said Gam Zu L’Tova.
    3. At that moment Eliahue HaNuvi appeared as one of the Romans and exclaimed that perhaps this is the special dirt of Avraham Avinu.
      1. They tested in and it really was special sand.
      2. The dirt turned into swords and the straw into arrows.
    4. The Ceasar was so appreciative that he granted Nachum the opportunity to take whatever he wanted from his treasury.
      1. Nachum filled up his chest with gold.

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Sanhedrian Daf 106 – Doeg V’Achitofel

Bilam HaRasha

The Wound of a Friend is more Faithful Than the Kiss of an Enemy

  1. The Curse of Achiah HaSiloni HaNuvi was better than Bilam’s Blessing to the Jewish People.
    1. Achiah’s Curse was that Klal Israel should be pushed around and even pushed off the holy land like a marsh weed.
    2. Bilam’s Blessing was that the Jews should be strong and proud like a Ceder Tree.
    3. The Reed has qualities that the Ceder Tree lacks.
      1.  The Reed Regenerates, has multiple roots, doesn’t move from it’s place when the wind blows it. It doesn’t snap and die rather it bends with the wind and when the wind subsides the Reed straightens out again. The Reed is found by the water the symbol of Torah and Life.
      2. The Ceder Tree also doesn’t move from it’s place when the wind blows. If however a strong Southern hurricane blows then the Ceder becomes uprooted and dies. The Ceder doesn’t have a multitude of roots, and it doesn’t flex in the wind. The Ceder also isn’t found in and by water which symbolizes Torah and Life.

Yisro’s Reward

  1. Bilam asks Yisro why he merited to have descendants Talmudi Chochomim that Sat in the Sanhedrian in the Lishchat HaGuzis.
  2. Bilam pointed out that they should be equal since they were both involved in Advising Paro about how to destroy the Jews.

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Sanhedrian Daf 105 – Bilam


Bilam’s Ben Bior

  1. Bilam- Bli Am.
  2. Bilam- Shbala Am: he tried to swallow up an Am.
  3. He came on a Bior(Animal).
  4. Bior Bilam’s Father is Lavan Arami.
  5. Bilam had greater Nevua than his father Lavan.

Bilam Doesn’t have a Chelek in Olam Haba

  1. Implies that righteous Goyim do have a Chelek
    1. This point is a Machlokes
  2. If Bilam Died a Normal Death it means he’ll have Olam Haba. If not then he doesn’t.
  3. Bilam Lived with his Donkey in order to Conjure the Powers of Tumah for Sorcery.
  4. Hashem was Kind to Klal Israel and Controlled Anger While Bilam was trying to Curse the Jews.
    1. If not than Bilam could have succeeded in wiping out Am Israel.

Hashem’s Anger

  1. It Lasts only a moment.
  2. Hashem’s Anger Coming Only in the First Three Hours on the Day.
    1. The Kings Wake Up then put on their Crowns and Prostrate to the Sun at this Time.
    2. The Sign for this is that the Roosters Crown Turns mostly White When Hashem is Angry.


  1. Love for Hashem or Hatred of an Enemy Over Shadows one’s Pride.
    1. Avraham’s Love for Hashem brought him to saddle his own Donkey.
    2. Bilam’s Hatred of Klal Israel brought him to saddle his own Donkey.
  2. A Father is never jealous of a Son and a Rebbe is never jealous of a Talmid.

Bilam’s Blessings

  1. From How He Blessed the Jews we Learn how he wanted to Curse them.
    1. He didn’t want Israel to have places of prayer and learning.
    2. That the Shechina should not dwell in Israel’s midst.

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Sanhedrian Daf 097 – Mashiach


  1. Bar Nafli is the Mashiach.
  2. The generation that Ben Dovid will come in:
    1. There will be less Talmidi Chachamim.
    2. There will be rampant poverty.
    3. There will be sorrow and sighing and many painful things.
    4. Difficult decrees will continuously renew themselves.
  3. The Shmitta Cycle before the Mashiach comes will have a certain pattern to it:
    1. The first year- some cities will get rain and have supplies.
    2. The second year – the arrows of famine will reach everywhere. The famine will be felt everywhere. Only moderately.
    3. The third year – the famine will be severe. Killing men,women and children,Hasidim,great Tzadikim and Talmudi Chachumim.
      1. Torah will be forgotten from those who learned it.
    4. The fourth year – some places will have supply and other places won’t.
    5. The fifth year – there will be plenty for everyone. People will eat and drink and be happy. The Torah will also go back to those that learned or that learn it.
    6. The sixth year – there will  be shofer blasts.
    7. The seventh year – there will be wars between the goyim and the yidden.
    8. The eight year (motzoei sheviis) –  Ben Dovid will come.
  4. Rebbi Yehuda the generation of the Mashiach:
    1. The place of learning will be for Zonos.
    2. The Galil will be desolate.

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Sanhedrian Daf 096 – Nebuchadnetzer



  1. After Sancherev’s defeat and demise in Yerushalyim he feared going home.
    1. he had led to their deaths thousands to princes of surrounding Kings.
  2. Hashem appearing in the image of an old man advises Sancherev to disguise himself and offers to cut his hair. Hashem adds extra shame to this by burning his beard off as well.
  3. Sancherev Leaving Hashem and bound for home discovers a plank from the Tevah of Noach. In awe of Hashem’s might vows to sacrifice two of his three sons if Hashem helps him to succeed when returning home.
  4. The sons caught wind of their father’s intentions and murdered him.


  1. The Gemora had just spoken about the Malachei HaShares when Sancherev went to rent scissers. The Gemora takes the opportunity to continue to discuss the Malachim.
  2. The Malach that helped Avraham battle against the four Kings was named Liliah from the word nightime.
    1. Liliah helped Avraham according to Rav Itzchok Nafka my manipulating the pathways of the star of the night to bring about the victory against the Kings.


  1. Yermiahue so to speak questioned Hashem knowing that Hashem had His own calculations about why the Evil like Nebuchadnetzer are and were allowed to succeed.
  2. Hashem told Yermiahue that Nebuchadnetzer really did nothing.
    1. He killed a dead nation and burnt a burnt Temple. Like grinding flour that didn’t need to be ground.


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Sanhedrian Daf 071 – HaTanoim HaTzrichim L’Kiam Shem Ben Sorrer U’Morror

Sanhedrian Daf 071 – HaTanoim HaTzrichim L’Kiam Shem Ben Sorrer U’Morror

To Be a Ben Sorrer U’Morror one has to have:

  1. He stole from his father and/or mother or both. (Rebbi Yosi b. Rebbi Yehuda holds that he has to have stolen also from the mother) -Easily accessible.
  2. Ate and drank in the domain of someone other than his father. Doesn’t fear the retribution of his father.
  3. Under these conditions Chazal worried that this person would continue in this habit.
    1. he has access and he’s comfortable where he eats/drinks it.
    2. When we think he will continue then Chazal had the sevora to kill him while he’s innocent before he would be Chiav and also hurt or kill someone.
    3. Both parents have to agree that the boy should be killed.
    4. rebbi Yehuda says that the mother has to have the same voice and height as the father for the son to even become a ben sorror U’morror.
  4. Rebbi Yosi b. Rebbi Yehuda says that he has to steal also from the mother.  How can she have her own money?
    1. Food was set aside for both the father and the mother.
    2. money was set aside for them to have a meal.
    3. Someone gave money to  the mother and said that the money will be hers on condition that her husband will not acquire it.

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Sanhedrian Daf 066 – HaMikalel Aviv V’Imo

Sanhedrian Daf 066 – HaMikalel Aviv V’Imo

  1. Melachas Shabbos Diorissa without Kares or Malkot

    1. Techumin – R. Akiva
    2. HaAvara – R. Yosi
  2. HaMikalel Aviv V’Imo

    1. Only over if cursed with the name of Hashem
    2. If curse with a nickname of Hashem
      1. R. Meir – Chiyev
      2. Chochumim – Putter
    3. Daughters, Tumtumim and Endrogenim are also included in this Issur.
    4. Misa is Skiela – stoning.
    5. Azhara – learned from a Im Eino Innun of “Elokim”. The azhara of not to curse a nasi, dayan and a cheresh gives us also the azhara not to curse parents.
      1. Machlokes if Elokim lo tikalel is referring to Hashem or the Dayanim.
      2. According to the opinion that it’s Dayanim so for sure we shouldn’t curse Hashem, we learn the Kodesh from the Chol.
      3. According to the opinion that Elokim means Hashem how can we learn the Chol from the Kodesh?
        1. We learn two dinim from the extra lamed in “Kikalel”.
  3. Nahara HaMerassa

    1. Not Chiyev until she is a nahara, bisula, engaged, and still in her fathers house.
    2. Rebbi Meir – only chiyev if the girl is a nahara, within the first six months of her 13th year.
      1. but not if she’s a katana or a bogeres.

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Sanhedrian Daf 064 – Tiiva L’Avoda Zora

Sanhedrian Daf 064 – Tiiva L’Avoda Zora

Avoda Zora was just for the Arios

  1. Klal Israel never really had a Tiiva to serve Avoda Zora for the sake of the Avoda Zora.
  2. It was just an excuse for the many to throw off the yok of Torah. Freeing them to indulge in Arios (incest) openly.However once the started the Avoda Zora they became addicted to it.

Chazal Davaned to Mivatel the Yetzer for Avoda Zora

  1. Hashem granted them this and they were successful.
  2. They then attempted to abolish the yetzer for Arios. They saw that the world wouldn’t propagate and realized that they needed the yetzer for procreation.
    1. They tried however to remove the half that drove people to sin. Shamyim wouldn’t grant this because half orders can’t be made, it’s all or nothing.
    2. Chazal kept the yetzer but blinded it’s eyes. This helped to reduce the desire for incest but the yetzer for eishet eish and niddah remained.

HaMikaven to Mivaze Avoda Zora

  1. Even if the Kavana is to disgrace the Avoda Zora however if that is the method of service then one would be over on a Lav. Skilah however he would receive until he accepted it as his god.


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