Sanhedrian Daf 064 – Tiiva L’Avoda Zora

Sanhedrian Daf 064 – Tiiva L’Avoda Zora

Avoda Zora was just for the Arios

  1. Klal Israel never really had a Tiiva to serve Avoda Zora for the sake of the Avoda Zora.
  2. It was just an excuse for the many to throw off the yok of Torah. Freeing them to indulge in Arios (incest) openly.However once the started the Avoda Zora they became addicted to it.

Chazal Davaned to Mivatel the Yetzer for Avoda Zora

  1. Hashem granted them this and they were successful.
  2. They then attempted to abolish the yetzer for Arios. They saw that the world wouldn’t propagate and realized that they needed the yetzer for procreation.
    1. They tried however to remove the half that drove people to sin. Shamyim wouldn’t grant this because half orders can’t be made, it’s all or nothing.
    2. Chazal kept the yetzer but blinded it’s eyes. This helped to reduce the desire for incest but the yetzer for eishet eish and niddah remained.

HaMikaven to Mivaze Avoda Zora

  1. Even if the Kavana is to disgrace the Avoda Zora however if that is the method of service then one would be over on a Lav. Skilah however he would receive until he accepted it as his god.


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