Sanhedrian Daf 066 – HaMikalel Aviv V’Imo

Sanhedrian Daf 066 – HaMikalel Aviv V’Imo

  1. Melachas Shabbos Diorissa without Kares or Malkot

    1. Techumin – R. Akiva
    2. HaAvara – R. Yosi
  2. HaMikalel Aviv V’Imo

    1. Only over if cursed with the name of Hashem
    2. If curse with a nickname of Hashem
      1. R. Meir – Chiyev
      2. Chochumim – Putter
    3. Daughters, Tumtumim and Endrogenim are also included in this Issur.
    4. Misa is Skiela – stoning.
    5. Azhara – learned from a Im Eino Innun of “Elokim”. The azhara of not to curse a nasi, dayan and a cheresh gives us also the azhara not to curse parents.
      1. Machlokes if Elokim lo tikalel is referring to Hashem or the Dayanim.
      2. According to the opinion that it’s Dayanim so for sure we shouldn’t curse Hashem, we learn the Kodesh from the Chol.
      3. According to the opinion that Elokim means Hashem how can we learn the Chol from the Kodesh?
        1. We learn two dinim from the extra lamed in “Kikalel”.
  3. Nahara HaMerassa

    1. Not Chiyev until she is a nahara, bisula, engaged, and still in her fathers house.
    2. Rebbi Meir – only chiyev if the girl is a nahara, within the first six months of her 13th year.
      1. but not if she’s a katana or a bogeres.

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